Poetry:Soaring song of the soul

Hesitantly at first, taking faltering steps I started writing about three years ago, initially a blog, as an outlet for my grief, but later at the suggestion of a friend, in verse. I am happiest expressing my thoughts through poetry. I find it not only soothing for myself but to others as well. My journey continued and influenced by nature, mythology-especially the classical Greek mythology  I wrote quite a few poems which I post on these pages.


Nature-The call of the wild

To find peace of mind, I started wandering in the woods nearby, an echo of my teenage years when I used to cycle far out of my small town to spend time on my own in a Casuarina grove. Walking in nature I had read, increases alpha wave activity in the brain, calming jangled nerves. I connected to the trees, drawing on their strength, filling my senses with their beauty and immersing in the sea of the sweet smell of wild blossoms. Slowly I healed.


Serenity - In quest of peace

How does one find serenity in this madly revolving, rushing world?

Wandering the woods, penning poems, pouring emotions, thoughts and feelings on parchment was not enough to find the inner peace I craved. It's then that I stumbled into meditation and mindfulness. As Rumi says "Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation." But how does one get away from the chattering monkey, that is our mind.


Meet me in nature!

I am always open to experiences that enrich my soul. If you would like to follow my flight. Visit my page often as I add new poems and photos regularly.

Joyride on memory lane

Travelling broadens the mind, it is said and indeed it does. Had a lesson in history on a visit to Italy. The romance of Venice, the culture of Florence and the grandeur of Rome gives a poignant reminder........
of the power of the Roman empire at the same time brings a sobering message of the intrigues of power hunger. Civilizations rise and fall, the only constant is change. My travel moments captured as images I share on these pages. If intrigued click on the button below Travel