Nature’s way!

Loved ones do depart
Leaving us sad and distraught
Missing them quite a lot
They have gone to a better place
In our hearts we hope and pray
But life has to go on
Cause that’s Nature’s way

Life is a journey they say
May sound like a cliché
From one eternal flame
Lighting their candle
Showing us the right way.
We seek to follow the path
In the light of the flame
They lit in us.
Isn’t this enough for solace
For a part of them lives in us
carry on with a smile on your face.
Cause, that’s Nature’s way.



That extra hour in bed
groggy eyes waking up
a feeling of dread
till it dawns
from the foggiest depths
the clocks have gone backwards
relief turns to joy
at stealing an hour
from old father time.

But think again
didn’t we lose
When we turned the screw
to advance by an hour
in the summer.
we manipulate and plot
to control the ticking clock.
But ruled by time
we rush in haste
all the beauty around
neglected, going to waste

No time to stand still
to see the rolling hill
the flat brown earth
patterned by a rake
the dance of light and shade
on the shimmering lake.
To feel the damp grass
nor the cool drizzle.

If we just for a moment
Stop the thoughts
no future or past
make the moment last
without giving time a thought
for in the divine realm
There’s neither space nor time
then perhaps a moment of bliss
a taste of eternity!

Nadeem 29/10/15

In peace! Nadeem.


Death anniversaries are turbulent times!

Memories like the wind
soft, gentle, hard, capricious
some hot others cold
weak, at times strong and bold
blowing softly knocking gently
seeking to enter
Lovers soft caress
soothing cheek,calming nerves
pleasant as summer breeze
sailing on placid waters
balm for troubled minds
solace for the soul.

When upset or in anger
no permission, they just enter
raging tempest, frothing waves
tsunamis and storms they raise.
rocking ships and sinking boats
raising demons from the depths
Uninvited guests.

Build castles erect walls
protect against the winds
defences none for memories
to protect or prevent
invited or unbidden
they just ascend
from deepest depths
of the soul
bubbling into conscious thought
nothing left, just accept
welcome and cherish!

Nadeem 29/10/15

In peace! Nadeem.


Silhouettes crossing
pictures flashing on the screen
snuggling cat in the lap
crawling baby on the mat
glimpses of a snap shot
through a multipane window.

Ever changing reflections
broken, bizzare distortions
crooked limbs of a tree
momentary flight of the free
caught in the frame
fleeting, vanishing images.

Down the street
various attires, many nations
some beard, caps on the heads
tattoos, piercings, some with nose rings
unique each and everyone
partial reflections of their souls
fragments of a story
neither complete nor whole.

Not every beard a terrorist
nor every tattoo an eyesore
before we judge
cast a stone
break a fragile windowpane
let’s pause, reflect and look some more!

Nadeem 23/10/15☺

In peace! Nadeem.

A Damsel in Red

Under the blue sky
In the brilliant sunshine
Stood a Damsel in Red.
From a deep emotion
Rose in me a question
Is she shedding tears of blood?

Over the ether
Floated two replies,

Yes she bleeds, maybe
For humankind’s misery.
No said the other, her brilliant red
Is a joy to beholders
spreading genuine happiness.

Divergent points of view.
In throes of death,
Shedding tears of blood
She dances in gay abandon.
For She knows deep inside
When spring comes calling by
She will be born anew.
She has mastered the art of letting go
A complete and utter surrender.
There’s a lesson in her life
For those who wish to ponder!




In peace! Nadeem.

War & Peace!

We are living in
a world of false security
gained through the barrel of a gun
A thousand wars fought
race, religion or whatever reason
Vanquished many, victors none
no lessons learnt

High on an arch
across the M 25
white letters in bold
just graffiti, an empty slogan.
We heed not
For our hearts have turned cold
Our emotions frozen!

Striding proud rattling sabres
We build deterrents
scarce billions spent on the “Trident”
Stifling the voices of sane dissent
Calling them a lunatics lament.
Isn’t it time we wake up to the Truth
And truly give ” Peace a chance”?

In peace! Nadeem.

Inner Light

Cold shadowy dark night
not a stirring soul
silent sentinels stand watch
observing, seeing every bit
dry leaf islets
scattered at their feet.
Tired feet crunching, tapping
A slow thumping rhythm
mind on rays of light
travels another dimension.

Shadows dancing in street lights
Sometimes in  front, sometimes behind.
Lightly walking towards a light
Joy turns to ecstasy
When just beneath
no shadows, you are free.
As ever,  life does flow on
emerging shadows growing
haunting and taunting
as you walk along.

As with street lights
So it is with the “Truth”
Just when you think you have found.
A rather rude awakening.
Just a scrap, an aspect
Is all that is found!
For the shadows
are not too far behind.

So long as you rely on
the outside light
Or borrowed truth
You shall never find.
An inner light is what you need
for no shadows does it cast
Look deep in your heart
You will find what you seek
“The Truth” at last!

In peace! Nadeem.


A dark poem, reflection of the times we live in! In time for Navratri!

Ever since the dawn of Man
as the scriptures  say
Able was slain
with a stone by Cain.
We kill, we maim
At each others throat we remain.

“God is dead”
Long ago Neitzsche declared
It’s not true, he lied
for we kill him everyday
in ignorance and hatred.
Crusades then Jihad now
all in the name of religion
always on a “holy” mission
blood letting without remission.

Neighbours living together in peace!
glance back and see
A facade, a veneer and deceit
scratch the surface
you shall find
demons lurking just beneath
on their haunches to spring
at a moments notice.

Blackening the face of conciliation
it’s still not the “Age of reason
Kalyug it is, the age of Kali
Empty worship of a diety
bereft of reflection
no true piety.
Invite the goddess to dance on your bones
vanquish the inner demons
a fresh beginning, a rebirth
Perhaps, then a true revolution.



Nadeem 15/10/15

Bridge of sighs!

On the bridge of sighs
to the dungeons marching
prisoners pause  to catch a glimpse
through the lattice work glancing
the turquoise sea

a mirror of the high blue
through the aperture of the eye
etching on their memory
for a moment, nay for eternity!

On the brink of
losing life, being caged
a sudden realisation
a loss, a lamentation
for the ignored, neglected
unseen, unheeded
nature, sea and sky.

The tale repeated
we wander, we rush
ever in haste, not a moments rest
blind to the marvels
the brilliant colours
and subtle moods.

An Indian bride
decked in red
candy floss up ahead
a lion, an unicorn
A wise old man
with his beard
a dancing fairy, a golden chariot.
Look through the eyes
of the child in you
there are untold pleasures
if only you believe
Ere its too late
You step on
the bridge of sighs.
Look above
And fall in love!

Nadeem 12/10/15




In peace! Nadeem.

Still around!

For you my dear sister Farzana!

“Lonely I am”
Across oceans
Comes your voice
Stirring emotions
Kindling warmth
Want to reach
But can’t

But how can anyone
Near or far
Meet all needs
Fulfill dreams
Fill the void
And set you free?

Step back, contemplate
One dimension or few
Look deep in your heart
From an angle new
A different perspective
Layer upon layer
An end in one
A beginning in another
Rebirth for some
Heaven for the other.

Swirling, stormy, grey clouds
In your mind exist
No substance
Just mist
Soar above
Look around
The eternal blue
Is all there is.

Pray, meditate
Or just contemplate
Stretch your hand
Open senses
Tune in and connect
The one you thought
You had lost
Is still around
Wanting to be found!

Ishak Nadeem 10/10/15

In peace! Nadeem.