Cold shadowy dark night
not a stirring soul
silent sentinels stand watch
observing, seeing every bit
dry leaf islets
scattered at their feet.
Tired feet crunching, tapping
A slow thumping rhythm
mind on rays of light
travels another dimension.

Shadows dancing in street lights
Sometimes in  front, sometimes behind.
Lightly walking towards a light
Joy turns to ecstasy
When just beneath
no shadows, you are free.
As ever,  life does flow on
emerging shadows growing
haunting and taunting
as you walk along.

As with street lights
So it is with the “Truth”
Just when you think you have found.
A rather rude awakening.
Just a scrap, an aspect
Is all that is found!
For the shadows
are not too far behind.

So long as you rely on
the outside light
Or borrowed truth
You shall never find.
An inner light is what you need
for no shadows does it cast
Look deep in your heart
You will find what you seek
“The Truth” at last!

In peace! Nadeem.

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