Silhouettes crossing
pictures flashing on the screen
snuggling cat in the lap
crawling baby on the mat
glimpses of a snap shot
through a multipane window.

Ever changing reflections
broken, bizzare distortions
crooked limbs of a tree
momentary flight of the free
caught in the frame
fleeting, vanishing images.

Down the street
various attires, many nations
some beard, caps on the heads
tattoos, piercings, some with nose rings
unique each and everyone
partial reflections of their souls
fragments of a story
neither complete nor whole.

Not every beard a terrorist
nor every tattoo an eyesore
before we judge
cast a stone
break a fragile windowpane
let’s pause, reflect and look some more!

Nadeem 23/10/15☺

In peace! Nadeem.

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