That extra hour in bed
groggy eyes waking up
a feeling of dread
till it dawns
from the foggiest depths
the clocks have gone backwards
relief turns to joy
at stealing an hour
from old father time.

But think again
didn’t we lose
When we turned the screw
to advance by an hour
in the summer.
we manipulate and plot
to control the ticking clock.
But ruled by time
we rush in haste
all the beauty around
neglected, going to waste

No time to stand still
to see the rolling hill
the flat brown earth
patterned by a rake
the dance of light and shade
on the shimmering lake.
To feel the damp grass
nor the cool drizzle.

If we just for a moment
Stop the thoughts
no future or past
make the moment last
without giving time a thought
for in the divine realm
There’s neither space nor time
then perhaps a moment of bliss
a taste of eternity!

Nadeem 29/10/15

In peace! Nadeem.

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