The unravelling of the cloak
daggers of cold and pain
jolt the senses
awaken the numb brain.

Greive not for the tattered rags
weep not for the bleeding heart
for with dropped veils
it’s easier for the guiding light
to enter the soul, burst into flame.

Stand naked in this truth
till the demons are slain
and from the ashes of death
as a phoenix, to rise again.




When the night is dark
and all seems lost
I shall open Pandora’s box
Let greed, envy jealousy
float away into thin air
without a trace, disappear,
and at the bottom find hope.
My tears will turn into diamonds
sighs mingle with bird song
ring out as hymns
divine symphony fill the air.



Three paths branching off
stepped on a quest for happiness
travelled far, high and low
over mountains across oceans
along rivers as they flow.
Villages, towns, cities states
meadows, valleys and deserts
meandering down spicy alleys
hot mirages, foggy misty cold valleys
looping languages cruising cultures
drifting farther and farther
till they were almost lost.

Hearing a call from the past
paused, retraced steps and flowed back.
Sat down, recollected and reminisced
compared notes and shared thoughts.
Not in glitz or glamour
had they found
nor in money, name or fame
elusive it remained.

Childhood days beckoned
invited them to reckon
the joy of playing
on fresh cotton bales
chasing, feeding raising chickens
riding alone with wind in the hair
chasing dreams and fantasy
wanting to write poetry.
Coming round a full circle
they found the nidus of pleasure.



On the occasion of my Nephew’s wedding.

Rites and rituals, a silken rope
a delicate knot tied
as two unite, become one.
Customs and traditions
handed through generations
a strong keel for your boat
as your life’s journey sets afloat.
Prayers and blessings
Wind for your sails
halyard, wheel and rudder
Now, we hand you over.
To steer clear and not fail.
As the rosy dawn
Of young love
turns, harsh sunshine
Gentle ripples turn
to turbulent waves
Listen deep with your hearts
connect soul to soul
communicate, compromise, give and take
Don’t stifle, grow and liberate
for these are skills
you shall need
to make marriage a success.