Adonis treads tentative
taking hesitant steps
Prunus heralds his return
delicate pink and white blossoms
golden yellow daffodils shyly bloom
to bring cheer after months of gloom.

Nights yet, cold and dark
mornings chilly, freeze and frost
crisp and crumble, green velvet
as deep in Hades Kingdom
pale, frigid fingers relax
as Persephone reluctantly thaws.

High up on scrawny limbs
clasped on skeletal hands, rest
expectant empty twiggy nests
waiting eagerly for returning birds.

As we wait along
with Aphrodite, for her offspring,
Apollo to chart a different course
wake Gaia up, from her slumber
nature to dance in gay abandon
in her multi coloured splendour.




20151208_142805Love, resplendent like a rainbow

blossoms in shades of seven
and with its bow
brightens the grey heaven.
Ruby RED and crimson
evoking romance and raw passion.
ORANGE glow of rising sun, warmth
spreading softly across the horizon.
Beautiful ballet of fields YELLOW
as faces follow the traversing sun.
Calm, serene emerald GREEN
walking hand in hand with a companion.
Tranquil as the turquoise BLUE
as you sit with your amour
by life’s sandy shore
gaze farther to the INDIGO
of the deep ocean.
And finally the VIOLET
of a spiritual union.
Love is so beautiful, pure
cherish it if you can
find all colours in the “one”




Wandering the labyrinths
of surreal, silent streets
picked up a set of papyrus
a tale of suffering, strife and sacrifice.

Fighting foreign oppression
with a firm conviction
faced down guns
with fasts, love and non-violence
Satyagraha his weapon
as he threw the yoke of subjugation
to win India, it’s freedom!
Maligned, misunderstood finally martyred
was he a saint or just human?

The freedom he won
a chimera a phantom
for his teachings neglected
struggles all but forgotten.
The oppressors have changed
but not the oppression.
Ideals ignored, his feelings flouted
by the children of his nation!

Nay! Not just his nation
but by every region
Schisms in the name of religion
greed, power and worship of Mammon!
Handful sit on gold mountains
while the rest, wallow in nether regions,
politics but corporate world’s handmaiden.
Bards bray in shrill voices
unheeded by unfeeling, docile masses.
Oh! Who will come,
Who will come,
to raise our conscience!


In peace! Nadeem.