Wandering the labyrinths
of surreal, silent streets
picked up a set of papyrus
a tale of suffering, strife and sacrifice.

Fighting foreign oppression
with a firm conviction
faced down guns
with fasts, love and non-violence
Satyagraha his weapon
as he threw the yoke of subjugation
to win India, it’s freedom!
Maligned, misunderstood finally martyred
was he a saint or just human?

The freedom he won
a chimera a phantom
for his teachings neglected
struggles all but forgotten.
The oppressors have changed
but not the oppression.
Ideals ignored, his feelings flouted
by the children of his nation!

Nay! Not just his nation
but by every region
Schisms in the name of religion
greed, power and worship of Mammon!
Handful sit on gold mountains
while the rest, wallow in nether regions,
politics but corporate world’s handmaiden.
Bards bray in shrill voices
unheeded by unfeeling, docile masses.
Oh! Who will come,
Who will come,
to raise our conscience!


In peace! Nadeem.

One thought on “Gandhi!

  1. Hi Ishak, Dad just send me these poems and I love this one. I have been Coming Home for a few months now, reconnecting to who I always was meant to be through Shamanic Energy Medicine, I have a website, http://www.wildwoodjourneys.co.uk, and I too write a lot of poems, maybe I will send some too you. We call ourselves the Warriors of the Rainbow, Peaceful Warriors, and there a lot of us all around the World, many are Showing Up right now because of Dakota. It sounds like you might be one too.
    Thank you for your wonderful poetry, keep it up.

    Samara Jacobs
    Ian’s Daughter

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