On Easter Sunday, a poem about renewal, rebirth, resurrection I thought appropriate.

Adonis- God of Spring. Greek mythology.
Ostara – Goddess of spring in Celtic mythology.
               Ostara (Celtic) Painted eggs and white rabbits are sacred to Ostara, the Celtic Goddess of Spring, fertility and rebirth.  Her symbols haves been incorporated into the Christian celebration of Easter.

Rake up the detritus of nature’s past
clear the weeds and collected moss
scour Gaia’s skin, prod her flesh
let Adonis dance fearless
verdant sprouting from mother’s breast
as dead earth finally resurrects.

As is without, so within
ponder, peer deep, examine
painful it is, to let go of the past
sadness & memories hold fast
nightmares emerge from psyche deep
wake you up from fitful sleep
will, effort, strive, discard
even though it is hard.
Allow Ostara’s magical play
lead you along the happy way
sunlight seep through every pore
resurrect your dormant soul!


In peace! Nadeem.


Stood on the verge of Pluto’s realm
vigilant Cerebrus guards the dead
howling, barking three heads
a thousand tortures tormenting
ghoulish shadows in hell fire dancing
troubled mind faltering steps
when everything seems hopeless
don’t give in, don’t lose faith
let go, surrender, be led
dissolve the little self in the ONE.
Rise above life’s duality
there’s nothing apart from unity
budding trees, chirping birds, smiling moon
there’s beauty to see all around
signs of heaven, here on earth!