Divisive politics in India, austerity measures in UK and Trump in USA. Multinationals calling the shots world over- is there any hope for the “human”?


I lament this world
feel mother earth’s pain
ring out in my words
even if it is in vain.

Dialogue is dead
dogmas prevail
ears full of lead
advice, no avail
filled with suspicion
nation against nation.

Express diverse opinion
anti-nationals you become
Lop-sided development
without care for environment
skeletons dance on parched earth
no water to drink, only death
A few enjoy prosperity
while the poor wallow, in austerity.
Power hungry, we erect walls
curtail movements, mock the Mexicans
blame the Muslims, ridicule the  Indians
how can there be peace
when leaders exhort violence

Can we ever raise above the ism’s
respect different religions
without creating schisms
and start by becoming human?


Rhythm of Life.



Travelling on times arrow
over aeons floats stardust
scattering across the universe
and ever so softly settles on earth.

Mixing, mingling, seeping in
rejuvenating, nourishing mulch
through the roots up the shoots branches and buds
A million stars blossom on tips
creating a new universe.

A thousand stars wink out each day
new ones take their place
thus goes on the cosmic dance
hidden far out in deep space

Look closer, the rusty tree
in sublime sweet surrender
to the eternal throbbing rhythm of Life
has woken upĀ  from its slumber
through magical, mysterious nature’s ways!





Imprisoned in my own mind’s making
through the frame of a window
I stood and stared.
Movement and motion everywhere
sunlight reflecting off gossamer strands
leaves in soft breeze gracefully dance
eagles soar and glide in yonder blue
on unseen eddies and waves.
In the corner of my eye, I percieve
flitting, fluttering bright winged butterflies
a wasp came waving, weaving by.
Smiling tulips on the windowsill
daffodils trumpet, bow and sway
on this bright sunny, spring day.
Trees, birds, buzzing bees
rejoice life, filled with glee
all of nature invites me
break the fetters, join us, be free!



In peace! Nadeem.


This poem is dedicated to dear friend  Sanjeev Kulkarni who with permaculture  transformed a barren desert to a veritable  garden of Eden.

Barren boulders, dust and mud
overgrown thorns, bramble, Bush
was all there was when he looked.
Undeterred he set to work
used the hoe and the plough
with the sweat of his brow
chopped wood, cleared the rough.
For sowing, prepared the earth
planted, seeds he spread.
Fed sweet tender love
watered with his blood.
A few struggling saplings grew
buds blossomed, bore fruit.
Feast for the birds as they flew
in came the animals too.
Bellies filled, dropped the seeds
sprouting growth as nature knew.
With time desert transformed
a garden green and verdant.

Lessons in this for us, indeed
If only we take heed.
The mango stands beside the tamarind
neither quibble nor quarell
each grow its own way
nurtured by the one RAY.
Why do we humans ignore this
pay diversity a lip service?
Can’t we stop this one upmanship
accept nature’s intent
find harmony and be content?