Ode To Love!

This is dedicated to my lovely wife Sameena and our beautiful children Sufia, Zuhair  and Umair- My universe.

Tender tendril torn from the roots
tossed into turbulent times.
Shoots and vines seek out warmth
understanding, love and air.
Smothered by clouds of despair
sunshine could provide heat nor care.

Luminous moon trundled along
trapped in Gaia’s waves.
Riding the tide of time
travelled uncharted ways.
Calmly sailing for a while
buffeted by swells and waves.
We united, drifted apart
and came together again.

Lay hidden in the depths
tender feelings, warm emotions
unexpressed remained our passions
while life progressed on its way.
Three twinkling stars took birth
and we created our universe.
Blind we were to its radiance
happiness, cheer and joy it gave.

Words are mere symbols and sounds
concepts floating free, rippling round
don’t reflect the deepest depths
the density of my emotions
tender feelings and raw passions.
Yet I pour them out
even though I barely shout
In this ode to love.

Jaycee/ Nadeem



Touched by magic of the Isle of Avalon
the enchanted, mythical realm of Ceridwen*
celtic lady of the white track
in whose wake widely bloom
pure white flowered Hawthorne
fairies frolic to the music of Pan**
showering fragrant pink blossom
Ash, Rowan and Elm dance
grandma willow and ancient Yew
pass along their wisdom
lick the first three drops from the cauldron***
find the secrets hidden in You
an invitation to transform
blessed by beautiful Beith^
dappled sunshine, fluorescent Green
far away a Cockerell calls
ushering in a bright new dawn.

Jaycee/ Nadeem







Nadeem Odesmyth



Inspired and aspiring to write like Late Sahir Ludhianvi. “Jinhe Naaz hai Hind per woh kahan hain”? I dedicate this poem to his memory.


Drum your chest, proclaim to the world
we are the largest democracy
stand tall be counted
at our rising GDP
ignore villages develop the city
take pride in sham diversity
age old skewed philosophy
blinding us to sorrounding poverty.

How long will we watch, Neros fiddle
drive fissures in populace
non-issues they do debate
perched high on their thrones
while the country scorches and burns
farmers kill themselves in thousands
children scour the parched earth
for a drop to quench their thirst.

Can we take off the blindfolds
recognise the rampant hypocrisy
rise up as one
get informed and gain maturity?

JayCee/ Nadeem


Inner Child.

Recognise the inner child hidden inside
who marvels at mundane things
peels of laughter as he swings
rolling down grassy meadows
riding on phantom horses
chasing elusive butterflies
no cares in the world
as he jumps in muddy puddles
grazes knees and stumbles
wetness, grime and clothes dirty.

When and where did we lose him?
rushing behind responsibility
riding the roller coaster of life
in our need to achieve
wearing masks of respectability
we stumble, groan and grieve.

If only we heed his cry
at times leave a door ajar
loosen the tightly bound reins
dance and sing in the rain
unless we change and become children
we will never enter
God’s, Kingdom of heaven! *

*Matthew 18:3

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”

JayCee/ Nadeem


Parity Of Esteem

On the state of the NHS and society in general!

Contemplate at a glossy table, round
how best to spend the shrinking pound
satisfy the dictats from above
stop from sinking, the ship we all love.

No matter whatever the ill
whether body or mind
we will bring parity of esteem
Or is it just a pipe dream?

The depths of penury and poverty
from which no escape
sinking deeper by the day
in the guise of austerity
increasing homelessness, hunger,vagrancy.
Does it not effect sanity?

Dire situations we create
raise up tempests and waves.
When they start to sink
in our ignorance we think
to save them from the depths
therapy as life jackets.

Caught up in the illusion
part of the collusion
quelling howls of protest
raising up in the breast
we are all hypocrites!

JayCee/ Nadeem



Minions have outlived our need
biting the hands that feed
sitting on buried treasures
that fulfil our greed.
Create a sense of fear
of immediate danger.
WMD’S deep in the desert
let’s gear up our war effort.

Millions of marching Jiminy Crickets
suffocate their voices, trample pickets
overcome the objections
we have a stockpile of weapons.
Give it free to Solomon
sell it also to Suleiman.
Raze the cities, pulverise the sand
walk sovereign on destroyed land.
Uproot the demons, despots overthrow
none will notice our noses grow.
Puppets of our masters
the bankers and financiers
Yet, not Pinnochio!

Slithering adders and serpents
nurture with poisoned milk
a rich concoction of
politics, religion and big finance.
Rush in again when they have grown
rain fire and brimstone from the sky
watch countless children and mothers die.

Ignored, unheeded, troubled noise
I shall still raise a lonely voice
For I am Jiminy Cricket
And I am a poet!

Nadeem/ JayCee