Stepped outside in the morning on 9th November, ready to ferry the kids to school, cool, mellow, autumn sunlight, but a thick stack of grey clouds threatening a downpour in the west. Adding colour, a perfect semi-circle of a rainbow, sunlight reflected at the right angle from drops of water, logic says. But what the humble poet saw was Cupid, the god of love bending his rainbow to shower a rain of love. Raindrops imagined as tear drops of sadness of the heart at world affairs, mirrors reflecting Horus, the Egyptian sun god. Colours to cheer the heart in the gloomy grey skies.

Connecting two unrelated themes of nature and world affairs- Donald Trump, despite his rhetoric, misogyny, bigotry has cleverly ridden the waves he successfully raised in a sea of fear and hatred, to be elected to the most powerful office in the world. Technological advances, social media and easy travel have shrunk the globe into a global village. Is it now possible or is it now the time to build walls and isolate ourselves behind fences of race, religion, caste and creed? Will Donald Trump carry out his threats?

Even though the prospects appear gloomy they need not be! If only we open our hearts, connect from a deep space of understanding of our common origin and reflect each others light, which is part of the divine light, we can create a rainbow to dispel the gloom. Are you with me?

Cupid stretches his wings,
bends his bow, across the heaven.
Light dancing on tear drops
beautiful, brilliant colours seven.
Horus reflected in a million mirrors
amidst chaos spreading cheer.

Open your heart
let in the rays
with mayhem around
days dull and grey.
Radiate peace, spread the love
drop the arrows and the bow
with enough connected hearts
we can create a rainbow.


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