When life bowls a googly
throws a curve ball,
reflect, do not fret. 
Do not throw a wobbly,
rage, slash nor hit hard.
Grip your bat light
keep your eyes on the ball
and patiently wait
bat, steady and straight.
With a feather touch
gently coax and nudge.
You may not hit a six
yet, get a run or two
or even cross the rope
for a well deserved four.
If you play it right
heed this advice
you will not lose your wicket
for life is just a game
a game of Cricket!





My spirit is stifled
my emotions numb
lifeless, listless
I roam this realm.
Rooted, petrified, dead
in the battle for bread.
The tyranny of monotony,
is that all there is to destiny?
Through wide open eyes
my troubadour mind flies
dancing birds and bees
fluttering butterflies.
Conjuring colourful worlds
fairies, angels, elves.
I dare not blink
lest darkness descends
happy I am
in my land of pretense.