Playing in the dusty streets and maidans of Tumkur, a smallish town in South India, dreaming about writing poetry in a grove of casuarina trees, I grew up to qualify as a doctor. Traveled to Saudi Arabia chasing after a better life, money and comforts of life. Did I get them? Indeed I did. But my soul was restless and my wife felt suffocated by the strict Islam of Saudi Arabia, which had clipped her wings and shackled her to the home stead. So we left to write another chapter, moving to live closer to her parents in the UK.

More qualifications, a settled life as a GP, three children later I decided to change careers and took on the role of Chair of South Reading Clinical Commissioning Group. Perhaps I was not cut out for that and disillusion soon set in at the futility of our efforts to improve the health of people.

In the meanwhile struggling to come to terms with grief I started putting my thoughts on paper in a blog. Meditating, attending workshops and meditation festivals, meeting poets who encouraged me to write in poetry I reluctantly started writing verse and connecting with nature to draw inspiration. Nature invited me to capture moments of pure bliss and ecstasy in pixels. The joy I felt, I shared with others. A thought popped up that through poetry I could touch peoples hearts, stir their emotions and inspire them with the positive power of poetry. I no longer wanted to be confined in the four walls of the consulting room, but provide my healing through poetry beyond those confines.

Mysterious are natures ways, which we try to analyse, figure out and rationalize. But as a small pebble thrown in a lake setting ripples whose effects are felt at distant shores even though barely perceptible, the vibrations of my intentions were picked up by others who have contributed significantly to the production of my first book of verse and views- Rhythm Of Life.

There are more chapters to be added before the curtain comes down I hope!