When life bowls a googly
throws a curve ball,
reflect, do not fret. 
Do not throw a wobbly,
rage, slash nor hit hard.
Grip your bat light
keep your eyes on the ball
and patiently wait
bat, steady and straight.
With a feather touch
gently coax and nudge.
You may not hit a six
yet, get a run or two
or even cross the rope
for a well deserved four.
If you play it right
heed this advice
you will not lose your wicket
for life is just a game
a game of Cricket!





My spirit is stifled
my emotions numb
lifeless, listless
I roam this realm.
Rooted, petrified, dead
in the battle for bread.
The tyranny of monotony,
is that all there is to destiny?
Through wide open eyes
my troubadour mind flies
dancing birds and bees
fluttering butterflies.
Conjuring colourful worlds
fairies, angels, elves.
I dare not blink
lest darkness descends
happy I am
in my land of pretense.


Imprints on sandy shores
memories etched on grains of sand.
Footsteps fade with rolling tide
as waves rush inland.
Memories though, carried on the wind
create new contours, sandy dunes.
Remain buried for aeons
written deep as druids runes.
Re-emerge as dark and light
ripples trapped in stone.
Tomes strewn all around
dug up from the ground.
Stories layered upon stories
revealed to the keen eye, prying mind.
From dust we come
to dust we go.
Mother’s alchemy acting on bones
turning us to gold!
Nadeem Odesmyth.









How to generate a rainbow?

Stepped outside in the morning on 9th November, ready to ferry the kids to school, cool, mellow, autumn sunlight, but a thick stack of grey clouds threatening a downpour in the west. Adding colour, a perfect semi-circle of a rainbow, sunlight reflected at the right angle from drops of water, logic says. But what the humble poet saw was Cupid, the god of love bending his rainbow to shower a rain of love. Raindrops imagined as tear drops of sadness of the heart at world affairs, mirrors reflecting Horus, the Egyptian sun god. Colours to cheer the heart in the gloomy grey skies.

Connecting two unrelated themes of nature and world affairs- Donald Trump, despite his rhetoric, misogyny, bigotry has cleverly ridden the waves he successfully raised in a sea of fear and hatred, to be elected to the most powerful office in the world. Technological advances, social media and easy travel have shrunk the globe into a global village. Is it now possible or is it now the time to build walls and isolate ourselves behind fences of race, religion, caste and creed? Will Donald Trump carry out his threats?

Even though the prospects appear gloomy they need not be! If only we open our hearts, connect from a deep space of understanding of our common origin and reflect each others light, which is part of the divine light, we can create a rainbow to dispel the gloom. Are you with me?

Cupid stretches his wings,
bends his bow, across the heaven.
Light dancing on tear drops
beautiful, brilliant colours seven.
Horus reflected in a million mirrors
amidst chaos spreading cheer.

Open your heart
let in the rays
with mayhem around
days dull and grey.
Radiate peace, spread the love
drop the arrows and the bow
with enough connected hearts
we can create a rainbow.



​This is dedicated to my lovely wife Sameena Khanum.

I was but a leaf

one amongst the million

on the eternal tree

in the Garden of Eden.

Soaking up the sun

nourishing branch and stem.

I gave my all

seeking none in return.

Now, I am but done

flaky and dry

as I trundle on the wind

with none to cry.
She was a rose

soft as silk, honey and milk

dew drops on buds

held back on the verge

trembling petals pink.

Spreading smiles and fragrance

drawing in pain with each breath.
She was all of grace

hot tears, tingling face.

Imagined flaws black feet

blind to the rainbow in it’s tail

dancing in gay abandon

in Eden’s Garden.
The leaf, petal and feather

common current, different streams

drawn by divine destiny

came together ever closer

wisdom, strength, beauty, colour.

We are all part of that one stream

Who is the dreamer and whose is the dream?


​This is a poem I have written for the three charities I am supporting, Dingley’s Promise- children with special needs, Homestart- Vulnerable families and Launchpad- Homelessness. 

Hope it will be a fulfilment of my dream.!
Miss a limb I maybe

or lack a social grace.

I am special and have needs

look at the glint in my eye

the beautiful smile on my face

for I have aspirations and dreams

of winning laurels in the race.
Some roads even, avenues

lined with shady trees

a warm hearth, full bellies

caring, loving families.

Some dark blind alleys

with seemingly no escape. 

Who to blame? Society, 

or is it just my fate?
I have watched, shivering, cold

lying on my cardboard box

the striding glossy shoes

stilettos, trainers and sandals

ignoring my outstretched hand

helpless pleas of my eyes

as the waves passed me by

stranded on an unnamed island. 
Every life, child born

in darkness or in the morn

singular, unique, precious

a diamond, gem, a star. 

Lend me a helping hand

give me a leg to stand

make a new HOMESTART

provide me a LAUNCHPAD

full-fill my DINGLEY’S PROMISE

step out of the pit

take a stride

climb a mountain 

make a life

Look up at the sky 

with a bright shiny eye.





Have you ever looked deep

into the eyes of a babe in arms

shining brightly like twin stars.

Soft, shimmering liquid blue

dark, sticky sweet chocolate

some a shade we call Ecru.

Full of mystery pitch black

invite you in without a knock.

Swim free in turquoise blue

taste heaven on your tongue

plumb the depths of their souls 

nothing hidden, pure innocence,

For eyes are windows to the souls.
Why then do we erect walls 

hang up curtains

pull down the veils

blindfolded behind dead trees

staring unblinking at shiny screens

hiding hatred, jealousy, envy, shame

avoiding even momentary gaze?
Pick up courage, drop the guard

share the common grief, joy and pain

look deep, stop the blame

Cos inside we are all the same

tiny candles lit from one flame



Eternal Dance


Palpitating, pulsating, playing for aeons
I rode the wavering waves of time.

Imploding, I lay spent in an inky void

exploding, shattering, scattering sparkly dust.
You are but, bits of me

gently streaming, floating by.

In the beam  for a while

meeting, cavorting, dancing, loving

dispersing white, serene blue sky *.

Drifting apart, melting into the dark

eventually saying goodbye.
All alone, pall of grey

stumbling, grieving, seeking

till hurts heal and tears dry.

Is it destiny or is it chance

specks float from afar, come close by

cross paths, tangle and collide

a tantalising tango of eternal dance.