A gift shared, increases in value by the very act of sharing. Exhortations to charity are inherent in every religion. In the Qur’an attainment of piety is linked to giving something one loves and to give of something that divinity bestows on one. My favourite poet, Kahlil Gibran says that it when we give of ourselves that we truly give! Having learnt at the knee of my Father that one should give without thought of a reward is true giving, I endeavour to follow these lofty ideals. How successful I will be, only time will tell.

When a friend let an anguished cry whether we can do something for the suffering humanity and children of Gaza, my immediate reaction was to try and raise supplies and send it. Having heard stories of embezzlement of money raised for charity, we decided to procure supplies and send it directly.


Were our efforts of any use? Who knows?


Call it serendipity, chance or luck, when I put out word that I wanted to publish a book for charity with my poems and pictures, the various pieces of a jigsaw came together as if by magic to bring to life– ” Rhythm of Life”- my first small book and we raised a small amount of funds for charity.  

What next is the question at the top of mind?

The seeds of an idea have been germinating for some time and as Jacob Nordby the author of books like “The Divine



As a dreamer and poet, a free spirit, a misfit in the jungle of asphalt and concrete, I too have a dream.




Dreams taking flight, float free

from the deepest darkest depths

or in an open eyed daze.

A call from the unconscious

mythical flight of Icarus.

Unfettered let them fly

outlandish, fantastic, raving mad lunatic.

A test of Ibrahim’s faith.

Joseph’s advice to the king.

Inspire, Kekule, Mendeleyev, Einstein,

Periodic table, space, time and benzene ring.

Ride the beast of fantasy

in alignment with divine harmony

dream on and just wait……..