A call from the deep, sometimes wild, other times serene. A peep into my soul, my psyche that’s my poetry. Prophets of yore were ignored and ridiculed and so are the poets, but take heed, we are a mirror of the times, reflecting what we see. You may not agree with my opinions, however it’s my point of view and as I have said before we can view at objects and happenings from various angles, each angle portraying a reality as we see it. It’s neither the entire truth or complete. It’s only by recognizing the diversity of angles with which we view our reality and accepting them that we can realize the whole.

Enough philosophising! Here’s one of my poems. A comment on the election of Trump as US president- Each of us will have view about it: Good, bad, indifferent. But I feel that by claiming ourselves as superior to others, isolating ourselves and promoting parochial interests at the cost of a perceived “Other” we are moving more and more away from our common humanity. Throughout history the concept of “Other” has changed, then it was Jews, now Muslim. Whatever next. Will we ever learn lessons from history.


Cupid stretches his wings,
bends his bow, across the heaven.
Light dancing on tear drops
beautiful, brilliant colours seven.
Horus reflected in a million mirrors
amidst chaos spreading cheer.

Open your heart
let in the rays
with mayhem around
days dull and grey.
Radiate peace, spread the love
drop the arrows and the bow
with enough connected hearts
we can create a rainbow.