It’s through meditation! Research into the brain wave activity of Buddhist monks in Harvard university has demonstrated the effect of regular meditation on brain wave activity increasing slow rhythm activity. So instead of living in Beta- Fast paced waves, throughout our day, if we can take some time to wander the woods and meditate to increase the slower rhythms of alpha, theta and gamma wave activities, we can connect to that silence which speaks if only we learn to listen. So serenity is not far… If only we can look inside ourselves we can find- God.

My experiences in meditation I share so that it can benefit others.

Mindfulness as a practice has been honed most by Buddha more than 2500 years ago, even though the concept has been used by the Christian mystics and Muslim Sufis as well. In a nugget mindfulness is based on “Sati” a Pali word which connotes

  • Attention
  • Awareness
  • Remember (not as we remember but a reminder to be attentive and aware moment by moment

It also includes

  • Non-judgement
  • Acceptance
  • Kindness and friendliness.