Nature’s way!

Loved ones do depart
Leaving us sad and distraught
Missing them quite a lot
They have gone to a better place
In our hearts we hope and pray
But life has to go on
Cause that’s Nature’s way

Life is a journey they say
May sound like a cliché
From one eternal flame
Lighting their candle
Showing us the right way.
We seek to follow the path
In the light of the flame
They lit in us.
Isn’t this enough for solace
For a part of them lives in us
carry on with a smile on your face.
Cause, that’s Nature’s way.



Death anniversaries are turbulent times!

Memories like the wind
soft, gentle, hard, capricious
some hot others cold
weak, at times strong and bold
blowing softly knocking gently
seeking to enter
Lovers soft caress
soothing cheek,calming nerves
pleasant as summer breeze
sailing on placid waters
balm for troubled minds
solace for the soul.

When upset or in anger
no permission, they just enter
raging tempest, frothing waves
tsunamis and storms they raise.
rocking ships and sinking boats
raising demons from the depths
Uninvited guests.

Build castles erect walls
protect against the winds
defences none for memories
to protect or prevent
invited or unbidden
they just ascend
from deepest depths
of the soul
bubbling into conscious thought
nothing left, just accept
welcome and cherish!

Nadeem 29/10/15

In peace! Nadeem.