Turkey, at the cross roads of Asia and Europe has caught the imagination of generations and was at it’s height the seat of power of the Ottoman Empire. As civilizations and nations rise and fall, it has now sunk to begging an entry to the European Union, it’s attempts thwarted by Greece another great civilization which is struggling to pay it’s debts. Turkey still enjoys a spot for tourists to throng to, marvel at the architecture of the Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire, the classic examples being Hajia Sophia and the Grand mosque. Others seeking to soak up the sun, heading to the sun kissed beaches of the Aegean sea. Long ago when we did not have children, we visited Istambul during the winter, spending a week, roaming each and every part of the city and visiting the Grand Bazaar several times. The smell of the spices, the colours and the lights remain etched in memory. So also the book shops spread on the pavements around Suleiman mosque. A few memories I share here.